Why Choose Tampa Hood Cleaners?

Tampa Hood Cleaners provide Kitchen assistants/porters help by making sure that kitchens and equipment are always clean, tidy, safe and hygienic. They may also help the Chef to prepare food for cooking, for instance by peeling and chopping vegetables.

Other duties include:

•helping to unload deliveries

•unpacking and storing food safely

•cleaning the kitchen floors and walls, fridges, ovens and work surfaces

•washing up, or operating the dish- and glass-washing machines

•cleaning pots, pans and other equipment by hand

•collecting and disposing of waste

•cleaning and cutting up vegetables, skinning and filleting fish, and chopping or mincing meat

•using equipment such as electric mixers, chipping machines, knives and cutters

•rotating stock and checking use-by dates

• We take pride in our work and offer our unique guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our cleaning, we’ll clean it again until you are!

• To minimising the risk of prosecution by Environmental Health officials

• To create better working environments for all its clients

• We provide a highly quality professional service with a strong commitment towards customer service, focussing on your requirements

• We are perfectionists in the deep cleaning of kitchens including ventilation, equipment and fabric.

• Reducing the risk of contamination by bacteria and pest infection within kitchens

• Improving client image and staff motivation towards better hygiene management

• We’re local, cost effective, friendly, seamless and prompt and reliable with a very high standard of cleanliness in what we do and are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, to suit your operation.

• Competitive rates with discounts for multiple site operations.

• Highly experienced and efficient catering cleaners.

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