Unsure about kitchen and bath design?

Don’t be, when designing for a new kitchen or bath, some people are intimidated by the large selections of plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, ceramic tile choices and all the other things that go into remodeling your kitchen and bath.

When done right!
So, how can you tell if you’re going about it the right way? We use NKBA guidelines for all our remodels. The rules for kitchens are pretty clear. Bathroom design is a little more stringent, both kitchens and baths should be considered for Universal design. Youngsters and older folks have different needs that need to be addressed.


There are things to watch for, but your kitchen, bath contractor should be experienced in what offerings you should consider and what you should think twice about.

Remodeling can be regional; a kitchen remodel may follow a design that would be considered too country and a kitchen makeover may be too bold for a kitchen. Remodeling means compromise sometimes. Here in the Twin Cities just about any styles of remodeling from European cabinets to Country Kitchens are being installed all the time.

Kitchen design is taught in classes sponsored by the National Kitchen Bath Association. Many of its kitchen design students go on to excel at remodeling. Many great kitchen remodel experts never took design classes and yet their kitchens and baths win design contests the same as people who graduated in this specialty. Experience is the key. We at Kitchen showroom Anaheim have over 30 years experience in home remodeling, and were looking for new ways to please our customers all the time.

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