Top 9 Benefits Of Engineered Wood Flooring

If you plan on renovating your commercial or residential space, there’s no better choice to consider than Engineered Wood Flooring. Not only will it make your home more welcoming, but it also gives it an air of permanence.

Along with tradition, in the paragraphs below we’re going to take a closer look at 9 reasons why you should consider using Engineered Wood Flooring in your home improvement project.



1. Straight-forward installation for experienced installers

One thing that you’ll love about this type of flooring is that it’s milled in such a way that it ensures a stable and uniform fit. Of course, choosing between unfinished and finished hardwood floors does play an essential factor in all of this.

2. Healthy indoor air quality

For interior environments, this type of flooring is a formidable choice. It has no embossing, grout lines or fibers that may trap allergens, animal dander, particles, pollen or dust which may occur with rugs. If you’re an allergy sufferer, then you should know that this is the best type of flooring you can consider in order to improve the quality of indoor air.

3. A breeze to clean

Since they don’t accumulate a lot of debris, dust or dirt, hardwood floors are very easy to clean and maintain. You can choose to clean it on a weekly basis by vacuuming and then mopping it. Just make sure to keep it dry though.

4. High quality look

Besides its classy and elegant look, hardwood flooring offers the beauty, warmth and value of wood which will never get out of style. On top of that, it’s well known that such flooring does indeed make the room where it’s installed look more spacious.

5. Better acoustics

If the hardwood floor is installed properly, it won’t give you vibrations or hollow sounds.

6. A great long-term investment

Homes with hardwood flooring can be sold for a higher price, so not only can you recover the costs of your hardwood flooring, but also make some extra money from it. On top of that, hardwood floors can be sold at higher prices and can also speed up the sale process.

7. Variety

You can get hardwood floors in a wide range of species, stains, but also styles and colors. Better yet, you can also choose between unfinished and pre-finished hardwood floors. Regardless of how picky you may be, there are many options for you to choose from.

8. Durability and strength 

Hardwood floors that are properly manufactured, dried in kilns and then finished to strict standards will last you for many years. They can easily stand up to heavy foot traffic and active workspaces because they are very durable, hard-wearing and tough.

9. Ageless quality

Quick-Step Engineered Wood Flooring can maintain their look a lot longer than regular flooring and the good news is that their value also increases with time. On top of that, you can easily refinish them when required which is something that you just can’t do with vinyl and carpeting.

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