Looking For Air Conditioning Repair?

The temperatures are soaring, and you’re freezer’s ice machine is running low. You’ve drank all the lemonade you can handle. You feel like you want to crawl into your freezer and fall asleep, it’s so hot inside your home. Your air conditioner is broken, and the repair man said he couldn’t come check out you’re a/c unit until next Tuesday.

You could continue to suffer through the miserable climate in your home, or you can call Air Conditioning Repair Kannapolis NC. We can fix that a/c unit in a hurry!



Air Conditioning Repairs All HVAC Systems

A day without climate control is like a day without food or water. Miserable. Air Conditioning realizes your need for a comfortable home environment.We have staff on call 24/7. When an emergency strikes, we’re ready. We’ll have a technician at your home, ready to diagnose the problem faster than you think.

Whether it’s a malfunctioning fan, a broken condensation line, a burned out furnace, or any other HVAC efficiency problem, out trained technicians will repair or replace the faulty equipment in a hurry.

HVAC System Maintenance

You can help prevent climate control disaster by keeping the equipment in great working order. Replace filters in your air filter system, keep units clean, and monitor for wear and tear.

Your equipment also needs general maintenance and pre-season check-ups from qualified professionals. We provide such a service. Air Conditioning will inspect your HVAC units, give duct cleaning, and replace anything that looks like it may cause problems mid-season.

We carry all the major brands, including Carrier, Trane, Ruud, and Rheem. There is a good chance we have compatible parts for your system on hand. If not, we can rush order any parts you need to get your system up and running.

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