Online Gaming Resident Evil: Revelations Review

It’s been a year since CAPCOM released Resident Evil: Revelations exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS. Back then it was considered one of the best games for the console, especially because its atmosphere feels very similar to the original games from the 90′. Last year Capcom announced that the game will go multiplatform, so now everyone can enjoy it, but is it good on the big screen as it was on the 3DS ?

Resident Evil: Revelations puts you in the shoes of Jill Valentine, an agent of the BSAA. For those of you who haven’t played the series before, RE world takes place in an earth full of terrorist groups who wish to spread biological weapons on the innocents. To deal with the situation, the UN created a special group called the BSAA.

At the beginning, Jill has been sent to track down her previous partner after he strangely disappears. His last tracks led to an abandoned ship in the middle of the ocean, named the Queen Zenobia. As you’d imagine, nothing goes according to plans, and soon enough Jill finds herself fighting for her life on a boat full of B.O.W.s, living creatures that have been genetically engineered by humans for killing. Chapter by chapter, you’ll uncover the secrets about the mysterious Zenobia.

The story of Resident Evil: Revelations is not the best in the series, probably because it’s a spin-off title that doesn’t want to spill the beans for the sixth entry. But I can assure you that die-hard fan would find it very interesting thanks to some story-twists and the familiar characters. Newcomers will find it easy to understand, since the story doesn’t relate too much to the main games plot.

The reason that Resident Evil: Revelations has been received warmly both by critics and players is the fact that its gameplay goes back to the series beloved roots. If you remember correctly, CAPCOM did some bad moves with the series when they tried to put more action than horror in it (RE 6 and Operation Raccoon City are great examples for that), but in Revelations the dark atmosphere is finally back. Just like the original games, the players will travel in small dark corridors full of human-eater monsters. Everything around you is stained by blood and weird voices will follow you everywhere.


That’s the main reason I’d recommend this game, I finally feel like CAPCOM is doing justice with this amazing series. They’ve put so much efforts to maintain the “hunted” atmosphere, so much that for a second I felt like I’m back in 1995 playing the original.

The only problem I had with the gameplay system is the constant drop of ammunition and first aid kits. Every monster I killed rewarded me with a bunch of ammo, thus I never needed to run away from them and search for resources. It reminds me a little bit the changes between Dead Space and its sequel.  Of course, it’s not a deal breaker, but I really wanted to feel nervous and thrilled as my character has to retreat and run for safety.

If you read until now, you have probably noticed that I liked Resident Evil: Revelations , and that’s true. But while playing it I could clearly see that the game was meant to a portable device rather than home consoles. First, the graphics are not that great: the textures have been upgraded for HD resolution but they still lack depth, there are only few shadow effects, shades looks blurry and the physics engine had quite some problems. There’s nothing surprising about it, given that Resident Evil: Revelations was ported straightforward from the 3DS version, but I excpected that CAPCOM would give a better treatment for the graphics, especially with the 50$ new releases price tag.

The review

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